iOS 8.x Crash Issue

if you have issues launching the app, please check what is set for Camera in “Privacy” switch for the app.

You can find it by tapping Setting=>Our App Name=> Privacy=>Camera.

If this switch is set to “OFF” switch it “ON” and see if it helps.

Download Failed

As a first step please restart your device and see if it helps.

If it still the issue, please try to use your iTunes to download the app.

Please see the steps below:

Click on iTunes Store link, find the app and, click on it to be taken to the information screen.
Click on the "Buy App" button
If you're not already signed in to your apple account, a screen will pop up asking you to do so
After you have downloaded the app onto your computer, you can find it under the "Applications" tab of your iTunes library.

Now you will need to sync the app with your iPhone in order to use it.

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the appropriate USB cable
2. If it is not already open, or has not opened automatically, open iTunes
3. Locate and click on the "Applications" tab
4. Check the "Sync Applications" box
5. Locate and click on the "Apply" button located in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

In-App Purchase Issues

If In-App Purchase download fails without an error

Restart your device, make sure you have a good internet connection and try to download it again.If you have bought it you will get a message to the effect that you have already purchased it and do you want to download it again. Click yes and it should start to download.
If you haven't purchased it you will not get that message and you can purchase it and download as usual.

If In-App Purchase download fails with an error:

You must purchase the app that this item is for before you can purchase the item."

This message will display if you are attempting to make an in app purchase using a different iTunes account than the one you used to download the app. Unfortunately Apple only allows users to buy in app purchases with the same iTunes account that the app was originally downloaded with. Either you'll have to use that iTunes account to make in app purchases, or you'll have to delete and re-download the app with the iTunes account you are trying to make a purchase with. If you do delete the app make sure have a backup incase you have trouble restoring your data on reinstall.

"Purchase Cancelled."

This is typically caused by a poor connection to the iTunes server. Try turning your device off and back on and make sure that you are connected to the internet. Also, check that your time and date settings on your device are correct as this can cause a problem with in app purchases. The issue may be a temporary one with the iTunes servers and trying again later typically resolves the issue.

"Contact apple support to complete this transaction."

There is an error with your iTunes account and you need to contact Apple support for further assistance.

"You've already purchased this In-App Purchase but it hasn't been downloaded."

This is usually followed by the option to download it. If not, this is likely a connection error with the App Store. Turn the device off and back on, ensure a good internet connection and try again the following day. If the problem continues you can try reinstalling the app. Ensure you have a device backup before deleting.
If you still cannot get this to download you will need to contact iTunes support for a refund so that you can repurchase the item.

Please do not exit the app or lock your device while In-App Purchase download is in progress.


Configuring iPod Library

Configuring Playlist

Configuring Slideshow

Configuring Wakeup Timer

Configuring Save&Play Mixes

Using AirPlay Mode

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

App cannot be open after update

Recently some users reported one issue when the latest update may cause this app wouldn't open. Please restart your iOS device if you encountered it. It should fix the issue.

How to Save Save&Play Mixes

Save &Play feature was designed to store a custom selection of sounds from the soundboard. In order to make it work you need:
1) Open the Soundboard and tap on any of the sounds you would like to combine together. See the screenshot 1...

How to Change Save&Play Icons

1) Open the Save&Play Page.
2) Tap on the left top corner Edit button, to switch to the edit mode.
3) Tap on a button you would like to modify.

How to Rename Save&Play Mixes

1) Open the Save&Play Page.
2) Tap on the left top corner Edit button, to switch to the edit mode.
3) Tap on a label you would like to rename.

Play Your Own Music

1) Open the iPod Library page.
2) Tap on any icon of your choice.
3) Select songs from the resulting list of soundtracks. Your selection is saved automatically.

Configure Wakeup Timer

1) Open the Wakeup Timer page.
2) Tap on the Select button, choose your sound and confirm it.
3) Specify your preferred time and tap on the Save button.


1) Open the Details Page.
2) Tap on the Slideshow button to start.
3) To stop: tap on the Slideshow button again or switch to another view.

Restart iPhone

Start by holding down the sleep/wake button at the top right-hand corner of the iPhone for a few seconds. This will bring up a screen asking you to run the slider across the screen to turn the phone off.

Removing App

 If you are having issues with a particular app, try removing the app from your iPhone.

To avoid losing any app data, first back up your information.

Touch and hold any app icon on the Home screen until the icons start to wiggle

Reinstalling App

After removing an app from your iPhone, use these steps to reinstall it.

Open the App Store on iPhone and locate the app to reinstall.

How to Get Refunds

Unfortunately, Apple doesn't allow companies to do refund on their own. Only Apple can do it. In case you would like to get a refund, please use the steps describes in the link below:

Enable AirPlay Mode

1) Open the Details Page.
2) If Airplay device is available you should see an AirPlay icon on the right side.

Manage Playlist

Adding sounds to the Playlist

1) Open the Playlist Page.
2) Tap on the Edit button.
3) Tap on the Plus button to add to the Playlist.